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MagicJack Product Review, Comparing Magic Jack to Skype

I’ve been seeing the commercials and ads all over images MagicJack Product Review, Comparing Magic Jack to Skype the Internet, TV, and yes my own blog, so I thought I should review this product and compare it to Skype to see which one is better.  The following is my MagicJack product review and comparing Magic Jack to Skype.

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Skype For Sale, Ebay Selling Skype

I was just digging post on Digg about why Ebay needs to sell Skype.  As an avid Skype user and often the unofficial spokesperson for them to family and friends, I’m a little concerned over the notion that Ebay selling Skype to a telecommunications company.  What would that mean to the services and features that we all love and cherish. Continue reading

WiMax and over-rated Wifi or new technology?

Looks like it wasn’t long before the phone companies figured out a way to get into the long range wireless markets for mobile media. I’ve been reading that WiMax is coming out later this year and the major communication companies have been throwing in a lot of resources to help this technology along. There are several major applications for this technology and it’s very different than Wifi. Continue reading

Belkin Skype Wifi Phone Review Pros and Cons

I purchased a Belkin Wifi phone about a month ago. I’ve been on Skype for the past year and have been utilizing more of their features in order to determine if it will be a lasting service or a passing fad. I’ve been really happy so far with the service and keep looking into more products and ways to digitize my communications. After purchasing the Belkin Wifi phone I’ve learned a few things about the pros and cons of operating and using this new technology, and I’m happy to share them with you.


  • It’s great to be able to pick up the phone and dial a number direct and not have to pay for it. Other products for Skype either require the user to connect to a computer, or put the caller into a contact list to be able to use the Skype service. I’ve found that it’s just as useful as a normal cordless phone would be.

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