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Meta Tag Explained

HTML has certain tags, called Meta Tags, the represent metadata about a specific webpage. When viewing a webpage, you will not see the Meta Tab nor does it have any impact on the appearance of the web page. If a user wants to view the Meta Tags associated with a webpage, they have to view the HTML source code for that webpage. Continue reading

Things You Need To Know How To Generate Traffic To Your Blog

1208422 woman using computer 150x150 Things You Need To Know How To Generate Traffic To Your BlogLearning how to generate traffic to your blog is what makes starting in Internet business rather time consuming and frustrating. While there is absolutely no way you can generate a huge amount of traffic to your blog overnight and start making colossal amounts of money immediately, you can dramatically speed up the whole process by doing various forms of search engine optimization. Continue reading

Using Creative Blog Design To Express Individuality

1198416 business 150x150 Using Creative Blog Design To Express IndividualityA few years ago, all one had to do was change the hairstyle to look cool. If one wanted to be as suave and unique as someone else, a change in hair color would do the trick. The concept has changed in the present times. People seem to love to be casual. Whether one is a just a teenager or an important public figure, it doesn’t matter. Continue reading

Improve Web Site Rankings With On Page Optimization Techniques

1165446 blog 1 150x150 Improve Web Site Rankings With On Page Optimization TechniquesOn-page optimization is where you should begin and SEO campaign. What you do on your web site and various web pages has a significant impact on search engine results. Even though off-page optimization is a critical component for higher rankings, on-page techniques are essential for building a strong SEO foundation.

Below are a few helpful search engine optimization strategies you can use right now to make your web site more accessible to search engines and as a result, improve your search engine rankings. Continue reading

Go Bing Yourself Google

165838 bing day one 350 150x150 Go Bing Yourself GoogleMicrosoft’s new search engine, or decision engine as they call it in the advertising, Bing was launched last week with some fanfare.  In addition, Microsoft has started an aggressive marketing campaign to get people familiar with it.  I for one was excited about it and ready for it to launch as I’ve been reading more about it over the past few month. Originally called Kumo, the launch of Bing last week was somewhat of a surprised, but welcomed.  The following are some of my thoughts about Bing, it’s search, and how it compares to Google.

In addition, I must say that I’ve now changed all of my default searches to Bing as I felt I was getting more of the Internet in a better way, than I was getting with Google and their controlled net.  I look at Google now the way I looked at AOL ten years ago. If you want to search the full Internet you can’t do it on Google, as they have restricted, blocked, and penalized any site that they didn’t like. Continue reading

Does Google Adsense Video Ads Make Money or Good Content?

images1 Does Google Adsense Video Ads Make Money or Good Content? Google Adsense announced earlier this year the beta of Google Video Ad Units.  There are several opportunities available and you can find out more about those on Google’s Adsense Video site.  However, I’ve been testing the Adsense for Video via Youtube on my fantasy sports blog to see if it would provide good content to keep visitors on my site longer, plus I’ve heard rumors that the eCPM is higher than their traditional ads.  I’ve been running the test for a couple of weeks and have made some observations about it, as well as took it off the site for now until I can better position the content by putting it more in line with the content on the page. Continue reading

How To Monetize Website, Monetize Blog

There are lots of tools today to help a website publisher earn money from this content.  In fact, there are many places today that will also give you free content so as long as you have a niche subject to promote, then you can make money from a website or blog.  Monetizing your website or making money from your blog is much easier and cost effective today for those that know what to do.

It’s all about niche! Continue reading

Tips for Web 2.0 Website Design

This term gets more and more popular every day. In fact, there are really good spoofs out there that generate web 2.0 terms and company names as a means to make fun of the craze. However, putting all pun aside, the terms web 2.0 basically represents social and interactive aspects that a website can incorporate that can enhance user and creator collaboration while making the site easy for use. There are a few basic things that a site can do that can help make it more web 2.0 and allow users to generate information for the site. The following are a few web 2.0 website design tips that can help your website take the next step. Continue reading

Orange County Website Design

Designing a website can be a very simple task, or it can be a very difficult task. The way to determine the process depends on the needs of the website owner and what goals they have for it. The reason a website difficulty depends on the needs of the client is because they will ultimately be the one who manages it and analyzes whether or not the site is performing to their expectations. This can sound simple enough but often a new website owner doesn’t know what they will need or want, so trying to calculate the future needs of the owner without them knowing what they are is quite a challenge. Continue reading