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How To Monetize Website, Monetize Blog

There are lots of tools today to help a website publisher earn money from this content.  In fact, there are many places today that will also give you free content so as long as you have a niche subject to promote, then you can make money from a website or blog.  Monetizing your website or making money from your blog is much easier and cost effective today for those that know what to do.

It’s all about niche! Continue reading

Opening the door…

Not sure what I’ll find as I embark on this journey into cyberspace. This will be my first blog post ever, and the first of the general blog for Platinum Graphics. A little about me and PGI may be a good place to start. I’m a web veteran, and by that I mean that I’ve been through every craze, faze, blip, bleep, variation that you can imagine. I first started on the Internet in the late 80′s, and yes the world wide web as we know it today was not around yet. A buddy of mine and I used to play games on the Internet, similiar to the movie War Games with Matthew Broderick. It wasn’t until the earlier 90′s that the www platform was invented and we began to see visual graphics for the first time. Continue reading