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Skype For Sale, Ebay Selling Skype

I was just digging post on Digg about why Ebay needs to sell Skype.  As an avid Skype user and often the unofficial spokesperson for them to family and friends, I’m a little concerned over the notion that Ebay selling Skype to a telecommunications company.  What would that mean to the services and features that we all love and cherish. Continue reading

How To Monetize Website, Monetize Blog

There are lots of tools today to help a website publisher earn money from this content.  In fact, there are many places today that will also give you free content so as long as you have a niche subject to promote, then you can make money from a website or blog.  Monetizing your website or making money from your blog is much easier and cost effective today for those that know what to do.

It’s all about niche! Continue reading