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Belkin Skype Wifi Phone Dropping Calls – Troubleshooting

In my quest to transition from a standard land-line to a completely digital phone experience I purchased one of the new Belkin Skype Wifi Phones. In my previous post about the pros and cons of the Belkin phone (read here), I mentioned the issued about the phone dropping calls right in the middle of conversation and said that it was similar to a drop call with a cell phone. I thought it was because of the Wifi connection and how it interacts with the phone but I’ve still not had much success at getting it to a more consistent standard. Myself and a friend of mine, who also has this same unit as his primary phone of communication, feels that the inconsistent manner by which the phone operates does create some concern about the using the device as a full time alternative to land-lines. In my hope to make the device more efficient I learned several useful tools for maintaining the device in case something goes wrong or make the signal stronger.

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