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Reviews of current and past videos games for Playstation and other gaming systems.

Xbox 360 – How To Avoid The Red Ring Of Death

184433 xbox with leds 150x150  Xbox 360   How To Avoid The Red Ring Of DeathThe red ring of death happens when you see three flashing red lights on the console. Maybe you want to prevent the red ring of death from happening to your new xbox.

Maybe you’ve had your xbox repaired and don’t want a repeat of the red ring of death. Whatever your situation, here are some simple measures that you can take to keep your xbox running perfectly. Continue reading

Engines Can’t Search All Social Networks

google logo Engines Cant Search All Social NetworksI recently read a great article talking about the change that is inevitably going to come to the search industry.  Right now the search engines are still only searching a small portion of the net, and with the abundance of information being generated everyday on social networks like Digg, Twitter, Facebook, and more, it’s impossible for them to keep up.  This means that until they can figure out a way to search the information faster, and be able to know how to get certain data and not other sensitive data, then there is no way for them to be able to really search the net. Continue reading

PS2 versus PS3, Is PS2 Still King?

Every day there are more commercials on TV for PS3 systems and games. I had just bought a new PS2 at the beginning of this year. My old one had finally gone down and I wanted a new system. I was thinking about getting the PS3 and was looking at the model as well as some others in the market. I was surprised to find that at the time there still wasn’t that good of a game selection, and my display unit is not HD so I figured there wasn’t much value in that particular aspect. My only real reason for getting the new PS3 was to play one or two games that are only available on the new unit, but given the rest of the cons that go with it, I wasn’t really that impressed with it and couldn’t see myself buying one yet. Continue reading

What happened to good two player RPG games?

images2 What happened to good two player RPG games?I love good RPG games with lots of good action and lots of thinking involved. Although it’s not very hard to find, and yes there are many good selections on the market, I want to play with another player and there are hardly no good two player RPG games. I’ve been looking for awhile and yes I do own a couple of them and will mention my favorites below. However, it would be good to find other good games for the Playstation format that will allow two players to interact in the world and make it so that each player has decisions to make. I’ve found a couple of really good ones over the years and they were fun to play and yes I do keep them around for others to play occasionally, but if there are any other good games out there for other I would love to heard about them.

My top 4 favorite two player games for the Playstation 2 format. Continue reading