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165838 bing day one 350 150x150 Go Bing Yourself GoogleMicrosoft’s new search engine, or decision engine as they call it in the advertising, Bing was launched last week with some fanfare.  In addition, Microsoft has started an aggressive marketing campaign to get people familiar with it.  I for one was excited about it and ready for it to launch as I’ve been reading more about it over the past few month. Originally called Kumo, the launch of Bing last week was somewhat of a surprised, but welcomed.  The following are some of my thoughts about Bing, it’s search, and how it compares to Google.

In addition, I must say that I’ve now changed all of my default searches to Bing as I felt I was getting more of the Internet in a better way, than I was getting with Google and their controlled net.  I look at Google now the way I looked at AOL ten years ago. If you want to search the full Internet you can’t do it on Google, as they have restricted, blocked, and penalized any site that they didn’t like.  This means when you search on Google you are getting what they want you to see, rather than what the Internet has.  I call Google search now GoogleNet, similar to when I called AOL’s search AOHell.  The first search I did was the Google on Bing search and with the results I say ‘Go Bing yourself Google‘.

  • Type in the word Google to Bing and you get a really nice result. There is only one on the page and it’s Google links, with some deep linking right on the page, along with an option for Google search. This tells me that they know their audience and they know what is relevant and provide that information to people in an easy to use way.
  • Now, go to Google and type in Bing.  Of course you get a link to Bing’s website, but you also get a mess of other junk not related to Bing or their search.  Including links to Bing drinks, Stan Bing, Bing Crosby, and of course Bing Surfboards. This tells me that they haven’t quite got it figured out yet and not sure what to bring people.

This shouldn’t be much a surprise as Google has been around and Bing just launched, but it’s not the only difference.

  • Go to Bing.com and do some searches. See what comes up. Try things that you know how they rank in Google and see how different they are with Bing.
  • There is a new preview option next to each link on Bing. This preview opens up some text on the page, as well as some links that it finds, which makes checking out the content much easier from the engine results without having to leave the page.
  • The new search provides some insight and suggestions to what others have typed in, or even local searches that may be relevant to the audience based on their IP Geo-location.  This is helpful for those that are doing broad searches, and yes Google has a similar feature.
  • Search history is also a new feature on Bing search and provides some insights to the last searches done, or able to refine searches more based on filtering options.
  • Image and Video search is enhanced with one of the best in the industry and the suggestion or similar tool on the images makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for. The video search is the most advanced around with a play and preview feature right on the search result pages.  This means that a person can do a search on Bing for video and never have to leave the Bing search page and be able to play the videos right from the search results.

These new features, along with a great UI, and some clever branding, has made Bing a new force in the search world. Personally, I think it’s the best search out right now, and would recommend it to anyone, as well as making it my default search on all browsers.

7 thoughts on “Go Bing Yourself Google”

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  2. Yes, Bing has the same webmaster tools setup as Yahoo and Google. You can sign into their webmaster tools and submit your xml sitemap to them, as well as get data on stats, link backs, and other data. The setup and process is the same as with the Yahoo and Google, but Ask doesn’t have a webmaster tools and you just submit sitemaps manually to them.

  3. Hmm… Google is the best referral for me. Bing is the lowest. Yahoo bring more traffic than it. How to make more Bing traffic?

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  5. Love the title. However there is a problem with your comparison. You are using two completely different searches.

    It’s like saying go to Bing and type in Coca-Cola. Look at all the searches about Coca-Cola.

    Now go to Google and type in Cola. Sure, Coca-Cola is in the results, but look at all the other stuff. Don’t they know that I am looking for Coca-Cola?

    Besides showing relevant search results, part of a search engine’s job is to show diverse search results. Searching on “google” is a very specific term. Bing is a more broad term. The results you saw, are exactly the search results I would expect.

    The onus is also on the searcher to enter appropriate terms. If you were looking for MS Bing related results, you should have put Microsoft Bing in the search box.

    1. My comparison was more based on what they are showing for each other. Bing shows Google’s search engine inside of the Bing search page along with many other useful and relevant information about Google. However, Google doesn’t provide the same robust search results for Bing or any other search for that matter. Example would be when I tried to find the schedule for the Steelers. When I go to Google and type in Steelers, I get a link to their official page as well as other results. When I do the same search in Bing, I get their records, home and away, any upcoming games schedules, and even a search box to search right into the main steelers website. Basically, I get what I’m looking for right on the Bing search results page, but in Google, I’ve got to click a link and then try to find what I’m looking for on the next page. I’m just saying Bing brings in more useful data on their searches then Google does. Not saying one is good or bad, but I personally like to get what I’m looking for faster and without having to click into more stuff to find it.

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