What happened to good two player RPG games?

images2 What happened to good two player RPG games?I love good RPG games with lots of good action and lots of thinking involved. Although it’s not very hard to find, and yes there are many good selections on the market, I want to play with another player and there are hardly no good two player RPG games. I’ve been looking for awhile and yes I do own a couple of them and will mention my favorites below. However, it would be good to find other good games for the Playstation format that will allow two players to interact in the world and make it so that each player has decisions to make. I’ve found a couple of really good ones over the years and they were fun to play and yes I do keep them around for others to play occasionally, but if there are any other good games out there for other I would love to heard about them.

My top 4 favorite two player games for the Playstation 2 format.

1. 007 – Everything or Nothing (Wiki): This game is actually two games in one! It has one of the most mind blowing single player games that I’ve ever played, and it has a completely different game for the two player mode. It goes into the standard split-screen fashion and allows each player to control their own actions. It has four main levels with a couple of sub levels within each main category. It’s very difficult and makes for a great challenge to complete all levels. There are areas where you need both characters to do stuff at the same time so you will need to get another player to do this game. I love the action of the players and all the gadgets and things that you can do is just mind blowing. I can play this one over and over and it’s just never gets boring. If you like two player games, I have to say that is one of the best all time.

2. Lord of the Rings – The Third Age (Wiki): This is a great game because you can toggle between one and two players within the same game and it’s a great thinking game with lots of action. There are great visual graphics and the story plays along side of the movies in alternate characters that are helping the main characters. The main game is played in single player with one person walking around, however, battles apper every few minutes and then it’s two player mode. Each player can make their own decisions with their characters and can make or break a battle. This is a very long game and took months to beat so if you like good long two player games then this is one for you. Again, this is one of my favorites of all time and still play it today.

3. Star Wars Battlefront – This is such a no-brainer and one of the best two player games. Although I enjoy it a lot, it doesn’t have much in strategy so I’m really not sure if this is a RPG or not, but I had to mention it as one of my favorite two player games.

4. Lord of the Ring – Return of the King (Wiki): Another great two player game with lots of action, stunning visuals, and yes there is strategy involved. You play along side of each player and although each player can make their own decisions, the screen is subject to both players so there are times where one player is trapped because the other player gets to far ahead, but it’s easily fixed as the other player returns. I like games like because the screen is full size and allows each player to see what the other is doing. The game is hard and it takes a while to beat so it’s one of my favorites. Some of the hardest game levels that I’ve ever played where on that game and it made me almost crazy trying to beat it.

There are a few others to mention that I liked as well and should be noted.

Notable Two Player Video Game Titles:

Eragon (Wiki), Goblin Commander (Wiki), and Revenge of the Sith (Wiki) are also really good two player games that will have hours of enjoyment for anyone who likes good action RPG games for two players.

Please feel free to comment and add your own favorites.

4 thoughts on “What happened to good two player RPG games?”

  1. Both Champions of Norrath games are pretty decent, and there is always Dungeon and Dragons: Heroes. I also like Gauntlet, but Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows was kind of a joke. My husband and I beat the entire game in less then a couple of hours.

  2. To answer your question: The games were overwhelmed by MMORPG’s which are much more popular.

    I am like you though, I prefer a localized RPG as I play these games with my wife. I have played every game mentioned above and I really liek them all for different reasons. I have heard about a new D&D Game [Daggervale] that is along the same lines, but I cannot get it [EUonly]. I did find another one available on the PS Network though that you might like. Dungeon Hunter: Alliance. Check it out.


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