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wp logo Blogging For DollarsThis blog started over two years ago with just the idea of sharing some thoughts and expertise.  At that time there really wasn’t any clear ideas or paths to blogging success or the effective nature of a blog and how both companies and individuals can use them to make money.  However, over the past few years many people have learned more about blogging and how effective it is, as well as opportunities for both bloggers and companies to make money by utilizing the resources of each outlet so that both make money from the same web audience.

There are many ways for bloggers to make money these days, as well as companies to take advantage of blogging by both creating their own as well as using existing ones to spur more viral marketing for the company.  On a very basic level could be a blogger who runs a blog about his dog and the things he learns while trying to train him.  `This blogger does some web marketing and promotion and develops an audience.  Now, this is where the opportunities starts for most bloggers because they can do several things like get site sponsors, advertising, or even Google Adsense.

What happens is that other people wanting to learn about dog training will find his site and having a site sponsor like a dog food company would be beneficial to both the blogger and the company sponsoring.  Or the blogger could put Google Adsense which would read the content on the page and deliver ads based on the content on the person location.  Both of these opportunities could be easily implemented and are very effective at gaining some dollars just for basic blogging.

Ready to get serious.  There are sites like that allows people to blog for companies and get paid just for their blog post.  Many of these companies will over $10 – $15 dollars for 200 word posts.  This means that a blogger could do several posts a day and be able to not only make money doing the blogging, but can also get paid for any ad dollars generated on the site from Ads discussed in the previous paragraph.  The best part is that they give you the topics and ideas of what they want so a new blogger can get a lot of good content just by getting started with this site.

This two step approach can get many people going and have them earning money in now time. However, there are more opportunities for people that are doing things videos, pictures, or types of content.  Google and Youtube have a deal with Adsense delivered on top of videos and they stream them right to the blog site with easy to implement code. This topic was discussed in a previous post about Google Video Adsense.  Companies can also take advantage of blogging by attracting new customers by targeting keywords and markets that they can do on their main site, as well a the SEO value that a blog can bring to a company’s main site.

All in all, blogging today is much different than it was when our blog started, and now it’s no longer a hobby, but a necessity. It’s a good idea to learn about blogging if you haven’t done so before and looking into some of the popular platforms.  This site was built on WordPress and many of the top bloggers recommend it, but there are a few others and we would recommend also looking at Blogger, TypePad, and Joomla.

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