Does Flagged in Google Local Lead to a Loss of SERP Ranking

searches 150x150 Does Flagged in Google Local Lead to a Loss of SERP RankingI’ve been working on a project that has me trying to do bulk uploads on Google Local to get listed in tons of cities across the country. However, I was able to get one batch of a small quantity through, but ended up getting the next batches flagged, even though there were the exact same as the one that got through.

Now, I’ve read that getting flagged in their system is no big deal and to just make some adjustments and keep trying until you get your listing approved. However, while doing a bulk upload there was no options to verify them and it appears that right now Google doesn’t allow verification of bulk uploads. This means two things, that one even if you get it through it most likely will appear on the listing as unverified, and two  you can do much to get it through other than try again.

I wasn’t okay with trying again, until I noticed a correlation between the bulk uploads getting flagged and huge drop in SERP rankings.  What I noticed was that each time I had bulk listing in flagged status that the main keywords we were ranking for were all gone. Once I cleaned up the listings or resubmitted them for approval the listings would come back.  However, I kept resubmitting so the listings were appearing and disappearing so it took several times to see that there is possibly a correlation between getting flagged in Google and loss in SERP rankings.

Just to clarify, SERP rankings are search engine result pages, and we rely on our organic searches so any loss in SERP rankings would influence of the overall business. While we see the benefit of being in Google Local, we also don’t want to lose any rankings because listings are getting flagged.  It does seem like there is a correlation between getting flagged in Google Local and loss of SERP rankings.

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