Engines Can’t Search All Social Networks

google logo Engines Cant Search All Social NetworksI recently read a great article talking about the change that is inevitably going to come to the search industry.  Right now the search engines are still only searching a small portion of the net, and with the abundance of information being generated everyday on social networks like Digg, Twitter, Facebook, and more, it’s impossible for them to keep up.  This means that until they can figure out a way to search the information faster, and be able to know how to get certain data and not other sensitive data, then there is no way for them to be able to really search the net.

With most engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, they all return results of indexed pages in their systems.  Which is like saying the Internet is basically a collection of pages stored on their servers, and that is simply not true.  There is a ton of information that the engines will never see, because it’s either locked behind password, or it’s updates too quickly for any engine to ever find it.  One of the notes that the article mentioned was the Google estimates that there are over a billion new pages being created everyday on the net, and with that many new pages, there is no system around now that can actually search all those pages.  This means that socializing is the next search engines, and people will get their info from word of mouth, or in this case, word of hand.

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