Why We Still Need SEO

1287369 seo Why We Still Need SEOThere has been a lot of changes to the web and search marketing over the past year. A couple of major updates in the algorithm from Google, some new UI features on both Bing and Google, as well as the emerging new trends in social and real time search has made keeping up on search optimization even more difficult and hard to predict.  In addition, Google has announced that they are cleaning house even more and clearing out sites that considered content farms, as well as putting more emphasis and unique relevant content. They say that they are now able to detect unique content even better and that all a person has to do is put out good original content and according to Google they will get ranked for it. With all of this going on, why do we still need SEO anymore.

The short answer is because websites still need to optimize their search opportunities.  When the web changes, there is even more need to have a professional SEO help keep the rankings and traffic coming in.  Changes happen all the time, but with a good SEO team or consultant, they are able to keep up on these changes and be able to implement them into the site to keep the traffic and numbers consistent.

The long answer is because the web is very complex and rankings don’t happen by chance.  Most of the time, the pages that rank on the top of a search are because someone with SEO knowledge has helped to push that page up on the rankings. Rarely, (mostly for long tail or terms that are very obscure) a person will find a page at the top of the engines that have poor or little SEO on it.   The fact a site with poor SEO is at the top is because of the lack of other quality sites.  However, in a competitive marketing or keyword base, the sites with poor SEO will not rank well and would be out of business unless they either pay for traffic or higher a good SEO to push their rankings up.

SEO is not an art form. It’s not a practice.  It’s not a ad campaign that you dabble in.  It’s not something you do to get more traffic.  SEO is the science, yes science of optimizing rankings with search engines. The reason this is a science is because the engines don’t just rank sites based on luck. They do it based on a complex algorithm that is always changes, evolving, updating, which means that someone with an expert level of understanding of how the algorithmic works can manipulate to show pages they want.  Theses complex measurements are not just the run of the mil title tags, meta tags, and other basic level SEO stuff that you can read on any blog post, but rather weights on keywords, positioning of terms, layout of the page, performance of the page, user experience, and a host of other factors that all go into where the page ranks.

The fact that there are even more search opportunities and filters now means that there are even greater needs to have a person dedicated to how these effect rankings and what a site can do to get more opportunities in rankings. The demand for dedicated and expert SEO should be growing over the next couple of years and with so many companies trying to get their rankings up, there will be a strong need for people that know and understand this complex field. An example of this is going on at the company I work, where we are currently trying to hire two expert SEO people, but after months of looking and going through tons of resumes, we’ve yet to find a person that can meet our needs and understands the complexity of it all.  For any college student out today that is wondering where they should concentrate their efforts for study, I’d say you’d be doing yourself a huge favor by learning advanced technique and strategies for SEO.

5 thoughts on “Why We Still Need SEO”

  1. I think we will always need SEO, may be it will be named different than now, but SEO will be ever…

  2. SEO was originated with the origination of search engines. The fact that we still need SEO is validated with the argue that search engines still exist and companies still want to see their pages in top ranking with respect to certain keywords.
    The drawbacks of SEO are that search engines are rapidly changing their algorithms and the urge of companies to see their page on first place of SE results has resulted in huge competition.

  3. it is so hard because the target moves just enough to always keep us guessing, and never can anything be stable.

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