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HTML has certain tags, called Meta Tags, the represent metadata about a specific webpage. When viewing a webpage, you will not see the Meta Tab nor does it have any impact on the appearance of the web page. If a user wants to view the Meta Tags associated with a webpage, they have to view the HTML source code for that webpage.

The two types of tags available are Meta description tags and the Meta keywords tags. The Meta description tag is used to describe the nature and purpose of the webpage that is created. For instance, if the webpage is about drug rehab then the meta description would be similar to “Information on drug rehab”. The Meta keywords tags are words that help the search engine to find the webpage during search. For example the Meta keywords for the above mentioned example would be drug rehad, alcohol rehab, drug abuse, drug prevention, help with drugs rehabilitation, etc. These words are visible to the search engine when a user places the keyword in search.

Both type of the tags are located in the HEAD tag of the html code in below mentioned manner.

The main purpose of the Meta tags are to proved a way for search engines and web crawlers to easily gain information about your website. The more details you provide about your website, the greater the chances that search engines will identify your site in a list of search results for a user looking for related information.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization dictates that you create keywords that are specific to your site and that the meta tags you create in your heading be found on the webpage as well. So, using a inappropriate web like “flower box or “dog treat” will not end up in appropriate result.

Some web crawlers ignore meta keywords tags and meta description tags such as larger search engines like Google and Yahoo. These web crawlers will search the content of your site instead of meta keywords.

Unfortunately, this is necessary because of the rampant abuse of unrelated Meta Tags by webmasters in an attempt to drive traffic to their sites. Keep this in mind when you are deciding what content to place on your site. If you want a webpage to be identified by the large search engines for a specific topic, make sure that you include the key term several times in your pages text. If you want your site to be listed as one of the top results for search engines, make sure that your site contains well written information that is related to the the theme of your webpage and is obviously written by a human knowledgeable on the subject.

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28 thoughts on “Meta Tag Explained”

  1. “Some web crawlers ignore meta keywords tags and meta description tags such as larger search engines like Google and Yahoo. These web crawlers will search the content of your site instead of meta keywords.”

    I am sure google crawl description tags, you can search the keyword “ccna answers” and will see the description tag in bold in search results

    1. You are right. Most engines do ignore the keywords tag, but there are some other that are very important like Robots meta, and the infamous rel=cannonical. Both are very helpful for page optimization.

    1. Maybe not the king, but certainly the prince. I’d still say the king of the page is the page content itself. Google and other engines really do read what is on the page and try to make a determination about the content based on what is on the page, and yes metas help direct them to a certain way, but only after the on page content is also looked at. If there were no text on the page then it would only have the metas to look at, and in that case, yes meta would be king.

  2. I’ve always used content for searches but I think I’ll go for the keywords from now on, will save time better. Thanks for the explanation, it was most helpful

  3. I find that meta tags are not that important for SEO anymore. The search engines think they are pretty good at figuring out what a page is about from its content. so content is king.

    with that being said, the description meta tag is important. IT is what the search engines use for the description of your site in search results. So you should use that to grab the searchers

    1. Your meta description certainly is a sales point for your website and somethings that should be used by marketing to attract visitors from the search result pages. Typically, engines will use the meta description for the listings’s detail unless there is not one present or if they find other text on the page a lot more relevant than the meta description and they will end up showing that text instead.

  4. meta tags are really needful for a website. all seo persons are using meta tags to get a search engine’s traffic. you have explained clearly about meta tag and description.

  5. I still believe that meta tags and title tags are critical to assist with search engine rankings. Think of these tags as your way to help influence how you define the topic of an individual webpage. hmmmmm quite confusing..but Thanks for this post..

    1. There are some meta tags that are good and helpful, but there are some that just don’t matter at all. Meta Keywords for example is about as useless as trying to stuff keywords on a page. None of the engines actually look at this tag and use it at all so its really a dead tag that people waste time on.

  6. Now I know what’s the use and purpose of meta description and meta keywords on a webpage. I also learned the importance of having a meta tags on a website. I believe that having good content gives you a good result on your website.

  7. I think content is always on the upper side because due to good content you can get better ranking quickly and better ranking means more earning. meta tags are important for search engine ranking but not as much as content.and i also want to say that this m is a little thing that requires a little bunch of time.

  8. I don’t have any idea about meta tags before but reading your detailed article, I find that meta tag is also important for a website to be easily identified by a search engine. These meta tags will also help the researchers get the necessary information about a certain topic using the search engine. Thanks for posting!

  9. There are web crawlers that ignore meta keyword tagging and meta description tags like top search engines’ Google and Yahoo. Such web crawlers will search the content of your site instead of the meta keywords. In addition, meta description adds up to the sales point of your website. This will certainly help a lot in the marketing of the product to attract buyers and customers.

  10. Indepth information. However meta-tags are no longer a key to rank well in search engines nowadays. They used to help but they’re only for improving CTR in SERPs these days.

  11. Good one! I really spent so some time reading your post. Your further explanation gives me a clearer idea about meta tags.Thank you for explaining this so clearly and in an explainable manner.

  12. Thanks for this informative article. Being a newby, this is the first things that must be learned. Without you knowing this, then all your efforts will then be put in the trash. Thank you.

  13. Meta Tags always have been important,especially from SEO point of view.Google has always put emphasis on Meta Tags.

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