Does Google Adsense Video Ads Make Money or Good Content?

images1 Does Google Adsense Video Ads Make Money or Good Content? Google Adsense announced earlier this year the beta of Google Video Ad Units.  There are several opportunities available and you can find out more about those on Google’s Adsense Video site.  However, I’ve been testing the Adsense for Video via Youtube on my fantasy sports blog to see if it would provide good content to keep visitors on my site longer, plus I’ve heard rumors that the eCPM is higher than their traditional ads.  I’ve been running the test for a couple of weeks and have made some observations about it, as well as took it off the site for now until I can better position the content by putting it more in line with the content on the page.

Does Google Adsense Video Ads Make Money or Good Content?

From my test it does provide sticky content for the site, but if you are not controlling the content then it would be hard to know what effect the content will have on your audience.  For example, the videos I was showing were coming from other Youtube users that were uploading their own videos. However, the videos weren’t always relevant to the content on the page or they were out-dated and not current with today’s need.  I felt the only way to do this right and have good content is to create your own videos, make a Youtube channel, and broadcast your videos for Adsense revenue.  This way you get paid twice!  Once for the Adsense click, and another as the video content publishers.  Plus, you can control the content that is published on your site so the videos would be more relevant to the audience.  Furthermore, you can earn additional revenue from the videos by making them available for others to put on their sites to help monetize.  Which means that if you make good video content for your own site, you will gain with good content, more money, and added distribution from others broadcasting your videos.

The other point is do they make money. From my test they didn’t make any more eCPM than the traditional ads, and since the content wasn’t made directly for my audience I decided to take them off completely for now. I felt that they were actually hurting my ad revenue because the content wasn’t getting updated and return visitors were seeing the same things.  I was using space that could have been used for more relevent ad content than placing other people’s video ads that weren’t generating better.  Until I’m able to make my own video channel and monetize that for distribution, I will continue using Google’s traditional Adsense links rather than the video units.  However, if you are providing your own videos, then it would be more relevant content for your site than the traditional ads, and wouldn’t need to take up ad space.  Instead it could take up content space, which in turn would open up more ad space.  I’ve seen some people actually put the video content on full pages, since they have different player sizes and one of them being a full-size player.  You can learn more about the Youtube video ad unit players on theire site.

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