Higher PageRank Does Not Mean Higher Traffic

I’ve been doing research on blogs and websites for years. I’ve seen websites that have no PageRank gain first page rankings and lots of traffic and sites that have PR3 or more that get no rankings and very little organic traffic. With this in mind, there is no evidence that suggests a higher PageRank will mean higher traffic, and in fact Google themselves even stated that site owners should not concentrate on PageRank but rather than building quality pages and content.

The use of PageRank is a Google invention and is not shared on other search engines.  Since Google carries over 60% of the overall search market many people consider this number to a primary factor in the rankings of a website. Although this may seem true in some cases, as you can do searches and if you have a Google toolbar the PageRank is displayed, and may notice that some of the tops sites coming up have higher PageRank.

The problem with this is that its not true for all cases and people can quickly find many flaws in this theory from doing various searches. The reason it may seem like this is that the sites with better quality get ranked higher, and the PageRank is determined by the quality and authority of the page as seen by Google.  This is why it may appear that PageRank is a factor in ranking, but in fact its a product of good planning, quality content, and authority within a space. In addition, these factors are also important in a site organic rankings and sites that have improved these factors may see an increase in both rankings and PageRank. For this reason, they may feel that they are working together, but in fact they are working simultaneous in conjunction with the same factors but are not effecting each other.

14 thoughts on “Higher PageRank Does Not Mean Higher Traffic”

    1. I completely agree. PR is nice, but it’s not going to drive any traffic or increase a page’s rank in the engines. The only things that can do that is good on-page factors, design, and content, as well as good back-links pointing to it. Yes, back-links are very important but it’s not about quantity but rather quality. 1 really good back-link is way better than 10 or even 100 bad back-links.

  1. Correct. Google PageRank is not accurate one. It is just a simple measurement of a website. Blog with good quality contents seems to rank well but doesn’t mean more traffic. I would like to focus on link building and keywords :)

    1. Thanks for your comments and yes I do agree with your points. If you don’t mind me asking, when focusing on link building to you target blogs, and if you so do you prefer in content links, blogroll, or other placed type of text links?

  2. They already said it and I’m also one with the crowd. I would love to focus on content links when building links but nevertheless it is up to you which you want to build links that you know it would monetize your blog.

    1. I think content links are good and will come back as qualified more often than not, but it’s only one page. Where as a link a relevant blogroll can get you dozens if not hundreds of back-links with just one placement. I work on links all the time and can see that when I get into a new blogroll I get a huge boost in my back-links, as well as rankings. Just a couple of good blogrolls can quickly put you on the first page, whereas you’ll need a lot more content links to do that. I don’t prefer one over the other, but its just something to take in account when trying to get new links.

  3. Very true. I don’t think some people realize this. It seems that the better quality posts you may have, the better PageRank Google may reward you.

  4. Yeah I totally agree with you. You will get no traffic if your site isn’t properly optimized for certain keywords. There some keywords for which amazon ranks lower than the top ten even with their very high PR.

    1. Just making good unique content will not get traffic, the page has to be optimized to get anywhere. Keywords targeting is very important and people should know what they are targeting before they begin to write content.

  5. PR is not a major factor that is considered by search engines to make your sites ranked higher.
    Quality backlinks do matters

    1. Agreed. PR is only a measurement item and not a ranking item. A site can have a high PR but no good rankings if they are not doing the other stuff right. On the same hand, a site can have a low PR and still rank well for many good terms.

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