Skype For Sale, Ebay Selling Skype

I was just digging post on Digg about why Ebay needs to sell Skype.  As an avid Skype user and often the unofficial spokesperson for them to family and friends, I’m a little concerned over the notion that Ebay selling Skype to a telecommunications company.  What would that mean to the services and features that we all love and cherish.

Obviously the first thing that would improve would be the customer service and technology.  With the integration of the huge support teams that one of the big telecoms would have, it would probably make the service a little more efficient. However, users like myself are very happy with the service already and would hate for these added minor changes to cost two or three times more.

The website has a poll on which company would make the best fit as a possible suitor, and I obviously voted for Google. Surprisingly after I cast my vote it showed that it was clearly ahead in the online poll.  Here is a link to the page and poll so that you can cast your vote as to who would be a good suitor. (Poll Here)

The post didn’t reference any specific notion that Ebay was in talks with, or is going to sale Skype, but as a stakeholder was analyzing their situation and thought that selling Skype was the best course of action for Ebay.  I made a comment about my concerns over this notion, as well as my reluctance to see it go to a telecom company.  I also made several points in my comments about why Google would be the better fit as they could integrate those services into their new Crome browser and have yet another tool to compete with Microsoft’s core products.

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