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There are lots of tools today to help a website publisher earn money from this content.  In fact, there are many places today that will also give you free content so as long as you have a niche subject to promote, then you can make money from a website or blog.  Monetizing your website or making money from your blog is much easier and cost effective today for those that know what to do.

It’s all about niche!

Find something on the web that doesn’t have a lot of competition, or something that is lacking top placement from heavy competition and build a website around that content.  This means that if you want to target Adult Diapers, then you build a site about it using those keywords in the domain.  You can then feed in sources for content like videos from Youtube, questions and answers from Yahoo Answers, and even products from Amazon, Ebay, and others.  You can even have articles feed in from various sources to populate your website or blog with relevant, keyword rich content.

There are lots of resources and API’s that are available to website owners to help them make more money.  Here is a list of the top API’s and sites that can help monetize your blog or website.

Top Monetizing Content Sources:

1. Amazon API for Publishers – This is a great way to put products on your website and get paid for it.  You can select specific products, or a range of products to display.

2. Ebay API – This is very similar to Amazon, but with Ebay’s auction products.

3. Indeed API – This is a great tool for putting jobs on your website, and get paid for sending job seekers to jobs they want to apply for.

4. Google Maps API – This is a great tool for putting map locations on a website, which can drive more traffic.

5. Google Adsense – This is a standard ad tool for any website or blog owner and get paid from Google search results and sponsored ads.

6. Clickbank – This is a standard paid link service but they have a great selection of products that can help make money on a website that gets good traffic or a targeted market.

7. Commission Junction – Similar to Clickbank but more advanced options for displaying ads.

8. Youtube API – Bring videos to your website and build content with Youtube.

9. HotelsCombined – Setup your hotel travel search site and get paid from Expedia,, and others.

10. US Census API – Bring local content to a page include demographics, incomes, and other local related content.

These services work great with any website or blog and can help make additional money for an owner.  The best solutions for those that don’t have a website already are ones that are pre-built like WordPress, TypePad, or Joomla.  Each of these systems are open-source and have a community of people that are consistently filling needs that arise.  Platinum Graphics provides services for setting up a website, monetizing a website, and promotion a website with SEO.

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  1. This one will help me out a bunch. Thanks and I am a big fan of your blog – thank you!

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