Xbox 360 – How To Avoid The Red Ring Of Death

184433 xbox with leds 150x150  Xbox 360   How To Avoid The Red Ring Of DeathThe red ring of death happens when you see three flashing red lights on the console. Maybe you want to prevent the red ring of death from happening to your new xbox.

Maybe you’ve had your xbox repaired and don’t want a repeat of the red ring of death. Whatever your situation, here are some simple measures that you can take to keep your xbox running perfectly.

  1. Know where the cooling vents are and be sure to never block them. If air can’t freely flow into these vents, your Xbox will overheat. Make sure there is plenty open space around these vents. Keep them clear of clutter and don’t have them pushed up against the wall.
  2. Place your Xbox in a clean dust free environment and make sure that your Xbox is kept clean. The reason for this is that dirt, dust, and pet hair can get sucked into the cooling vents which will interfere with the cooling system. If too much dust gets into the vents, the fans get over worked and won’t be able to supply the Xbox with enough cooling air.
  3. The power brick also needs to stay cool during operation. Therefore, it needs to have easy access to the surrounding air. This means you need to be careful not to place it on shaggy carpets that can block airflow. Place it on a hard table or on a hardwood floor.
  4. Keep the Xbox away from sources of heat. If you are using your Xbox on a hot day, keep the air conditioner running.

Keep in mind that your xbox runs hotter the longer you use it. Always limit your gaming to no more than a couple of hours each time.

The main thing to remember is that the red ring of death happens when your Xbox overheats. The Xbox naturally tends to run hot and has a cooling system that can barely keep up. So it’s up to you to make sure that it never overheats.

Marc Sandford is a gaming enthusiast and author. Get Xbox trouble shooting advice about fixing the Xbox 360 ring of death.

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