Orange County Website Design

Designing a website can be a very simple task, or it can be a very difficult task. The way to determine the process depends on the needs of the website owner and what goals they have for it. The reason a website difficulty depends on the needs of the client is because they will ultimately be the one who manages it and analyzes whether or not the site is performing to their expectations. This can sound simple enough but often a new website owner doesn’t know what they will need or want, so trying to calculate the future needs of the owner without them knowing what they are is quite a challenge.

With this in mind, there are a few things a website owner can do to help get their head wrapped around the project and put them into the driver seat when it comes to website performance.

Website Design:

1. Determine your website goals: What is the purpose of the website? Are you going to sell something or is it just an informative marketing piece to enhance what you area already doing? Who is the site going to attract and how many visits are you going to expect? Is the website going to make money or will it cost money? All these questions must be answer prior to starting any new website and will help make it easier to determine what type of website to build, how long it will take, and how much it would cost to build.

2. Website features or sticky content: How will the site navigate and what will the viewers do when the get there? Features can be everything from a search to a blog, from a form to a flash promo. These elements are often more costlier and take longer to build, so by knowing what the website should be upfront will help make it easier for everyone involved to be on the same page when it comes to building it out. Even a flashy navigation menu takes time to build out and it’s harder to change in the future so by thinking out details like navigation, an owner can minimize the cost and the get the site build faster.

3. SEO – On-page and Off-page: Many people believe a website is a field of dreams and if you build it, they will come, however, it’s not like that at all. If you don’t build it right and do the right on-page SEO, the rest of it will no matter as much because you will not be found unless you pay for it. Personally, we don’t believe so much in paying for placement and try to optimize keywords for organic searches. This means that if a website is built right, using the right keywords, it will rank high on search engines without having to pay for it. There are many ways to optimize a website page and we will cover some of them in future posts.

We are an Orange County website design firm and would be happy to do a personal website analysis of your existing site to see how well it grades against some of the top sites in your search market.