PS2 versus PS3, Is PS2 Still King?

Every day there are more commercials on TV for PS3 systems and games. I had just bought a new PS2 at the beginning of this year. My old one had finally gone down and I wanted a new system. I was thinking about getting the PS3 and was looking at the model as well as some others in the market. I was surprised to find that at the time there still wasn’t that good of a game selection, and my display unit is not HD so I figured there wasn’t much value in that particular aspect. My only real reason for getting the new PS3 was to play one or two games that are only available on the new unit, but given the rest of the cons that go with it, I wasn’t really that impressed with it and couldn’t see myself buying one yet.

There were a few things that I was really excited about the new unit, but in the end I wound up getting a PS2 instead of the PS3 and will be waiting to see how the market goes over the next year or so before I look into buying a new unit. Several factors that I considered was game selection, price, benefits, and of course look and feel of the game play. Although PS3 totally rocks when it comes to game play and graphics, most of the games I play now are on PS2 so there wouldn’t be any advantage in game play or graphics for my old games that I really like to play. Plus, right now a new PS2 unit is only like $99 compared with the $500 price of a PS3. In addition, most of the games that I play are still available on PS2 and there are only a couple of titles that would require the new unit to play so I wasn’t going to get hyped on a new system just to play one or two games.
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PS2 will still be made and sold for at least another year so there is still time to buy hardware and components so I don’t see much need to jump until it becomes much more necessary for me. With that said, I still think the PS3 is a great unit and will be the game system of choice by 2010. For example, in May 2008 according to NPD Group the PS3 out sold the Xbox 360 by 22,000 units. Plus, the overall industry is up 37% over last year, with WII leading the way at 675,000 units, more than both the PS3 and 360 combined. Although WII sales have been solid and continue to show growth, many serious gamers are staying away from the unit because most reviews call it a toy and not really meant for serious gamers or game play that is truly exceptional. The unit is mostly an entertaining piece and despite having such strong sales, many believe that the unit will lose ground if more development and games are not produced.

Personally, I’m sticking with my PS2 for now and will wait to see how the industry shapes up this holiday season before I make the next investment into a game system. Most likely, I will end up going with a new PS3 but only when it becomes more logical to do so.

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