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951048 another dotcom shot of my pen holder 150x150 Use Hubpages To Get TrafficMaking money online revolves around building a website that people like to visit again and again. A website is like a shop. People like to buy from a shop that they like. The more visitors that come to a shop, the more sales the shop makes. If your shop is located in a better neighborhood, the chances of making lot of sales daily also increase. A website without traffic is just like a shop without any visitors.

Think of your website like a shop. Think of getting good positions on a search engine result page as opening your shop in a better neighborhood. It is through the search engines that most of the websites get visitors.

In this article, I will tell you about a very easy method that can help you funnel good traffic for your site. But getting your website ranked in the top positions in SERPs is not an easy job.

There are many good authority sites that can be used for funneling traffic to your site. Squiddoo, hubpages etc are a few of them. Do you know about the Hubpages? Hubpages are looked upon very favorably by Google. Have you ever heard about the Hubpages? Yes, good. If no than let me tell you a little about Hubpages. Hubpages is a site that has a page rank of 7 on Google.

Anyone can open a hubpage account and create his/her own hubpage. Hubpages have a lot of internal traffic and there is a chance of getting a good ranking on search engines with well written hubpages.

What is the best method of getting a good ranking on the search pages with the hubpages? Choose the exact keyword that you want to be ranked in the title. Do not use any other word except the keyword. By doing so you are ensuring that the URL of the hubpage also contains the exact keyword that you want to be ranked. This is the best method to rank well your hubpage on the search pages.

Hubpages are popular with Google, Yahoo and Bing previously known as MSN. Google likes the hubpages but what I have learned from experience is that hubpages have got an instantaneously chance of getting a good ranking on the Yahoo search pages. I have used hubpages to rank on the first or second pages on the Yahoo search results with lot of competition.

Another good method of ranking on the first page of the search results is to use to a press release service. Google like PRlog service very much. My experience has shown that Google gives immediate ranking to a press release on the first page of its search results.

Press release is a very effective method of marketing. There are many online press release services. The key to getting a good ranking with a press release is to use the keyword for which you want to be ranked in the title of the press release. This ensures that the URL of the press release also contains the keyword. The same thing applies here as that in the hubpages.

The best method to get a good ranking on Google with a press release is to use the keyword as the first word in the title. This ensures that the first word in the URL is also the keyword that you to be ranked. The first word in the body of the press release should also be the keyword.

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  1. I never thought that hub pages effect my page ranking that much ..

    it is time to start acting on this tip and getting the best out of it.


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