Skype Extras Not Working, Update Skype Manager

The past few days I’ve been having problems with my Skype Extras and the Skype Manager. I noticed it a few days ago when I signed in and couldn’t get my Skype Extras to work. The Skype Manager did open up, as I’ve read that others are having problems with the actual manager not working at all, and it seems that Skype is aware of this issue and has a couple of post about how to fix it in their Skype Forum. However, my problem was a little different in the sense that I could get the Skype Manager to open, but the only tools in there were the games section. I couldn’t get any of the other features to work, and the ones that I had already installed were not showing up at all.

After looking around for a couple of days to find a fix to the problem, I started to tinker around with the options and discovered a fix to my problem. I’m posting my results so that others who might have the same problem can find this tool and hopefully it will help in the same way as it did for me. If you are able to get into Skype and the Skype Manager does open, but there is limited or no extras in the Manager tool, then try the following steps to see if it works for you.

Skype Extras Manager Update:

Click on the ‘Get Extras’ tab from your Skype program under the heading off ‘Tools’, then ‘Do More’. From the Manager tools at the very bottom on the left side there is an option called ‘Options’. Once clicked on a new window will open up and there will be an option there called ‘Update Now’. Go ahead and click on this option and it should repopulate the fields and reset the Manager tool. This fixed worked very well for me and I got my extras to work right away. I did have to reinstall the extras that I had on my system, but it only took a few minutes and was better than not having them at all.

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